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For my Star Wars heads, the latest episode of the “Clone Wars” series gives me so much life!! The first sight of Darth Sidious in action, battling against his former apprentice, Darth Maul and Maul’s brother, Savage Oppress…AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!! With TWO lightsabers. Red on Red on Red. Sith vs Sith. There can be only two. I’m not one to promote “evil”…but in the world of fantasy-fiction, Sidious/Palpatine’s power level and abilities are too great to go unadmired. He single-mindedly plotted the successful downfall of the Jedi Order and the takeover of the universe. And in battle, he beat Yoda…. He beat YODA.
Captain Dola - leader of her family’s air-pirate gang from the film “Castle in the Sky (Laputa)” - My favourite character out of all Studio Ghibli films. She’s large & in charge & won’t take no sh!t or accept any b!tch@$$ness even from her b!tch@$$ sons. Another bonus is that in the English/Disney version, she is perfectly voiced by my homegirl Cloris Leachman, who you already know is a G… An O.G.
"We will never lose, there’s no me if there’s no you… I gave my soul to you, I gave you everything I am…" — #DirtyMoney @dawnrichard @kalennaklv
I probably shouldn’t post this because it loosely foreshadows something I have in store for the near future. But I probably shouldn’t have said that either.
I’d like to begin 2013 with a lil Grace for yo face!!
An image from the artwork digibook for my spiritual audio-visual mix project, “Epoch of GLGMSH - Vol.1 Blazing Sands” - You can stream it from the link in my profile & also DL the zipfile in the info section which contains the audio mix divided into each seperate track, with cover art and the digibook PDF. A short but not-so-simple 25 minute mix that is perfect for New Year’s Eve. I urge you to wear headphones when listening, at least for the first time!! Http://
"Don’t pull the thang out, 
unless you plan to bang. 
Don’t even bang, 
unless you plan to hit somethang.” 
— #Outkast #BombsOverBaghdad
122112 - The whole world is tuning in… 
“Mass hallucinations baby, 
Ill education baby, 
Wanna reconnect with your elations, 
This is your station baby” 
— #Pharrell #KendrickLamar #GoodKid
Final Fantasy VI: Flashbacks - Chapter 01 Prelude to Glory - The first chapter of this prequel series is actually a prequel to the proceeding chapters. PLEASE NOTE the character sprites I used for this chapter are NOT the standard FF6 style for two reasons: 1) I simply wanted to play around with and edit these sprites for fun 2) The difference in graphics style better displays how things have changed from then to the timeline of the regular story. Starting with Chapter 02, the characters will return to the normal FF6 style!! I hope everyone reads this caption to avoid complaints on that subject, but I AM very open to your comments, critiques and thoughts on everything else about this project!! Follow the whole story or just this chapter with these hashtags: #FF6Flashbacks #FF6FBch01
"Final Fantasy VI: Flashbacks" - A story I wrote that serves as a prequel to the classic Super Nintendo/Super Famicom videogame. There are 28 chapters total, with about 20-40 pics/posts per chapter, so this will take up much of my 2013 year posts. The story mainly revolves around the histories of Emperor Gestahl, General Leo and Kefka. There is much "fan service" [references/nods] to catch, depending on how much you know/remember about Final Fantasy 6. Hopefully, folks who know nothing about that game can still enjoy this, in the same medieval fantasy vein as "Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones". For all Final Fantasy gamers out there, please tell a friend to tell a friend…or rather TAG A FRIEND to tag a friend!! Spread the word!! Follow the whole story with this hashtag: #FF6Flashbacks